We Turn Regular Vehicles into
Mobile Safe Rooms

Why We Do What We Do:

We don’t like bad guys

(Criminals, terrorists, and anarchists)

We like protecting good guys

(Law-abiding citizens, first responders, and freedom-loving people across the planet)

We’re good at what we do

(Highly experienced combat, business, and law enforcement veterans from the world's most elite organizations combined with the lightest, strongest, most advanced armoring technology)


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1. Anti-Intrusion Protection Package

Active Shooter
Car Jacking
Window Smash

The ‘Anti-Intrusion Protection Package’ creates a mobile safe room that protects its occupants from criminals, terror attacks, active shooters, and civil unrest.

  • 1) Replaces your vehicles factory installed windows with bullet resistant, shatter-proof glass.
    • ‘Ballistic glass’ which is also referred to as “transparent armor” isn’t just a thicker version of your vehicle’s factory installed safety glass. Add Armor uses a multi-layered sandwich of acrylic, polycarbonate (a type of plastic) and leaded glass. The thinnest option—0.8 inch—will stop subsonic rounds such as those from a 9mm or .44 magnum handgun as well as prolonged physical attacks from blunt objects such as bats and cinder blocks. The thickest glass—2.0 inches—will stop a sniper bullet from high-powered .30-06 rifle.
    • How it works: Absorption of energy through controlled de-lamination. Multiple layers of leaded glass and acrylic slow down and disperse the energy of the projectile while the polycarbonate inner layer acts as an impenetrable elastic shield to protect passengers from spalls (shards of glass and bullet) that break off during impact.
  • 2) Fortify’s your vehicles doors by installing custom fit ballistic protection panels inside each door and hatch.
    • Ballistic protection panels are made up of ultra-light synthetic laminate materials that are 60% lighter and 10 times stronger than ballistic steel. Add Armor’s proprietary designs and custom installation techniques combine maximum protection with minimal additional weight. This retains the vehicle’s existing exterior appearance without compromising mechanical performance.
    • How it works: Absorption of energy through controlled de-lamination. Multiple layers of resin-based fibers slow down and absorb the energy of the projectile to prevent it from penetrating into the passenger compartment.
  • 3) Certification: All ballistic glass and composite protection panels are tested and certified by independent testing laboratories
  • Anti-intrusion Protection Packages start at $28k

2. Full Protection Package

Car bombings
Traveling in combat zones

AddArmor offers the Full Protection Package for clients who want to mitigate higher-level threats such as kidnappings, car bombings, or for working and traveling in combat zones.


Full Protection vehicles are engineered to encase the entire passenger compartment in a seamless cocoon of ballistic protection. Full Protection features include premium run flat tires, bomb blankets, and ballistic protection for the major engine components such as: the radiator, battery, fuel tank, and the computer circuit boards in the Engine Control Module (ECM). Other customized protection options are available upon request.

3. Executive Protection Package


After AddArmor upgrades vehicles with armoring, the Executive Protection package allows clients to completely customize the interior cabin with an endless array of luxury features, conveniences, and options.



  • asstance-s

    24/7 always on assistance/ support

  • brde

    Siren/speaker, counter-attack sound cannon

  • ectrc-sk

    Electric shock door handles

  • dsensers-thmb

    Pepper spray dispensers

  • rn-tres

    Run-flat tires

  • Barricade-busting-bumpers-(hidden)

    Barricade busting bumpers (hidden)

  • nght-vsn

    Night vision system

  • gun-rts

    Gun ports (hidden)

  • actve-mne

    Active mine/explosion detection

  • smke-system

    Smoke screen system

How to Choose the Right Level
of Armor for Your Vehicle

  • 9mm
  • .38 Special
  • .357 Magnum
  • .44 Magnum
  • 124 gr
  • 158 gr
  • 158 gr
  • 240 gr
  • 427 mps / 1400 fps
  • 259 mps / 900 fps
  • 425 mps / 1395 fps
  • 427 mps / 1400 fps
  • National Institute of Justice 3A
  • 7.62X33 / .30 CAL Carbine
  • 7.62X39 / AK-47
  • 110 gr
  • 123 gr
  • 600 mps / 2200 fps
  • 715 mps / 1400 fps
  • 7.62X51 mm / M-80
  • .308 Winchester FMJ
  • 5.56X45mm/M-16/193
  • 149 gr
  • 150 gr
  • 45 gr
  • 838 mps / 2750 fps
  • 838 mps / 2750 fps
  • 919 mps / 3250 fps
  • National Institute of Justice 3
  • 30.06 AP (Armor Piercing)
  • 166 gr
  • 869 mps / 2850 fps
  • National Institute of Justice 4



About Us

Our Leadership Team


Pete Blaber Founder/CEO

  • Former U.S. Special Mission Unit Commander
  • Former executive at world’s largest biotechnology company
  • Author: ‘The Mission, the Men, and Me’ (2008) & ‘The Common Sense Way’ (2020)
  • MBA & MS National Security & Strategic Defense

Jeff Engen Founder/President

  • Conducted High Risk Law Enforcement Operations with Federal, State, and local agencies for over 25 years
  • Former “Tactical Officer” instructor at a major Law Enforcement training facility in the United States
  • Former Partner/ Vice President of a Corporation overseeing more than 1200 employees
  • BS Administration of Justice
Joe Vega

Joe Vega Vice-President Research and Development

  • Former U.S. Special Mission Unit Operator
  • Senior Operational Advisor at U.S. Army Asymmetric Warfare Group
  • Senior Advisor/Team Leader, U.S. Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Detection and Defeat Task Force
  • U.S Army ‘Master Breacher’
  • BS Business

What differentiates Us?

Our people

We are a veteran owned and operated business founded by, made up of, and connected to a vast network of first responders (special operations veterans, special agents, police) and successful business people.

Our Technology

  • Developed and tested in the living laboratory of real world experience:
  • AddArmor® uses the most advanced composite armor in the world. It is 60% lighter and 10 times stronger than conventional ballistic steel.
  • Lighter weight means better handling, better gas mileage, better braking, and a significant reduction in vehicle wear and tear.

Our commitment to our customers

We stand by what we sell. We stay with you and your vehicle after you buy it.


Asked Questions

Who is ‘AddArmor’?

AddArmor is a premier vehicle armoring company that armors all makes and models of cars and trucks as well as all other types of vehicles (buses, construction, trains, etc.) while always maintaining the vehicle’s original appearance and performance.

How Long? How Strong? How Heavy? How Much?

It takes about 600 hours to strip an SUV to its skivvies and armor it to the ‘B-6’ level of protection that can withstand hand grenades, a 12-pound landmine or rifle fire from an AR-15 and similar assault rifles. As an example, Armoring a mid-size SUV adds approximately 850 pounds to the vehicles 4,700-pound curb weight and $72,500 to the vehicle’s $38,000 base price.

What are International Armoring Standards?

Numerous international organizations have developed armoring standards, defeat levels, and testing procedures. In the USA for instance, the standards were developed by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), a procurement arm of the US government. In Europe the European Union developed their standard, called CEN, which is the B-Level standard. Other countries have developed their own standards. AddArmor generally adheres to European standards of armoring and security because they are stricter, more concise, and specific regarding armored passenger vehicles.

How is our Armor different than steel?

AddArmor® uses the lightest armor available in the world which reduces the added weight to an armored vehicle by up to 60%. Lighter weight means better handling, better gas mileage, better braking, and a significant reduction in vehicle wear and tear. The technology is pound for pound ten times stronger than ballistic steel.

What is Ballistic Glass?

A transparent bullet-resistant high-tech pane of Glass + Polycarbonate for the protection of civilian and military armored vehicles, as well as public, residential and commercial buildings. It has been designed and developed to withstand high-energy ballistic impact and prolonged physical attacks, or a combination of the two.



Jay Leno Tests the AddArmor Audi RS7,
the World's Fastest Armored Car, On
CNBC's Jay Leno's Garage

Jay Leno put AddArmor's custom Audi to the test on his popular CNBC show Jay Leno's Garage. The set-up involved Jay driving AddArmor's APR-tuned RS7 through fire to evade a staged attack from Joe Vega, AddArmor's VP of Research & Development (and a former U.S. Special Mission Unit Operator). Jay demonstrated the Audi's on­board smokescreen capability, drone-denial frequency-jamming, taser-like shock handles, pepper-spray dispensers and other military-bred AddArmor technology to illustrate various modern ways a vehicle can be used tactically.

The AddArmor team then elaborated on the viability of armoring civilian vehicles. "The idea behind adding armor is to create a mobile saferoom that protects its passengers from any type of attack and provides peace of mind that cannot be achieved in an unarmored vehicle," AddArmor CEO and Former U.S. Special Mission Unit Commander Pete Blaber explained to Jay.

AddArmor President Jeff Engen (a former law-enforcement officer), added, "We wanted to show that our armor is so light that we can get this car up to nearly 200 miles per hour. Our lightweight armor is a big differentiator from a lot of our competitors using steel." Jeff then demonstrated the B4-level armoring by shooting four rounds from a 9mm handgun into the Audi's ballistic glass. CNBC subscribers can view the episode here.

view on cnbc


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This Ferrari 458 Speciale Can Stop .44 Magnum Rounds—Can't You Tell?

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